Customer Gathering of Makassar Branch

Makassar (Admin). BTPN - Makassar Branch is expanding its clientele of premium customers by organizing Customer Gathering on Saturday, 8 September in a restaurant in Chinatown of Makassar.

The employees of Makassar Branch prepared the event carefully and made a successful event attended by around 100 guests.

President Commissioner Prof. Dr. Dorodjatun Kuntjoro Jakti took the occasion to express his gratitude to the guests who were present and informed them on the Bank's good performance. Meanwhile, Director of Business Gandhi G. Putra Ismail thanked the customers who have placed their trust on BTPN as their partner where they can conveniently place their funds.

Gandhi G. Putra Ismail also announced that customers are eligible to participate in the "Member Get Member" program, i.e. each customer who bring five new customers will be entitled to a reward of Rp1 million in cash. The program would last until the next 30 days.

The program committee also prepared television, refrigerator, washing machine and other gifts as door prizes to make the event more interesting. The guests had a great time at the reception and were challenged to bring their acquaintances to become BTPN's customers, because the Rp1 million reward of "Member Get Member" program is waiting for them. (FDT)

Date Published: 10 September 2007